„Sonia Warzyńska made a great impression by presenting two contrasting arias. She sang each of them in totally different style and fashon. In challeging Fiordiligi’s aria „Come scoglio” with a big tonal range and large intervals, she showed impressive voice integrity, singing intelligence and a skill of very detailed technical and expressive preparation. Pamina’s aria "Ach, ich fühl's" was interpreted by her very tenderly and in a straightforward way.
Olga Janáčková - operaplus.cz

„I am full of admiration for Sonia Warzyñska (Dido), who – in my opinion – played marvelously this tragic role but didn’t forget about the quality that she had to convey in the music.”
Magdalena Kajszczak (radiopoznan.fm)

„Decisively the best musical and acting creation made Sonia Warzyñska, who can express every theatrical situation by her voice. Emotions and naturalness allowed her to create a very deep character of a modern woman who fall in love very badly.”
gloswielkopolski.pl (about Dido’s role in „Dido and Aeneas” spectacle in the Grand Theatre in Poznan)

„Casting Sonia Warzyńska in the role of Dido was a perfect choice. Graduate of Musical Accademy in Cracow delved into her role very deeply. The tragic situation of a character she played accumulated for the whole spectacle and had its culmination in a very touching interpretation of aria „When I am laid in earth”.”
Aleksandra Bliźniuk - kultura.poznan.pl